Have You Thought About Your House Numbers Lately? 

If you’re like most of us, probably not.

If you’ve ever tried to go to an address that didn’t have the numbers displayed in a prominent way, you may know the frustration. Sometimes house numbers fall off or bushes grow up in front of them and it’s never really given much thought. Sometimes the numbers are really tiny and on a house that is offset from the road a good distance…You could use binoculars but people tend not to like strangers with binoculars creeping around their neighborhood…don’t be that guy. 

Even in today’s world of GPS navigation, I’ve arrived at my destination (according to my GPS, at least) but there is nothing there. I’ve had the actual destination be almost a half mile away on occasion. In the rural parts of Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties this is more common but it happens everywhere on occasion.

As a Home Inspector, this is a minor inconvenience that I can overcome with a bit of searching but what about emergency services? When you need a fire truck, police officer, or EMT, you need them there as quickly as possible and even a few minutes delay can mean a big difference in outcomes.

Also, think of the poor pizza guy…you don’t want cold pizza, do you?

So here are some tips:

1. Go check your house numbers and make sure they are visible and haven’t fallen off. These common items become invisible to us over time and we might not have noticed that they are obstructed.

2. Make sure the numbers are reasonably large. Five to six inches tall is a pretty good guideline.

3. Make sure the numbers contrast enough with the color of the house to be visible from the street. There are even reflective numbers which help in low light conditions.

4. Check the numbers in different seasons. If snow blocks them in the winter, raise them up a bit. If plants grow up in front of them in the spring, move them or trim your plants.

In summary, house numbers are critical for emergency personnel and should be clearly displayed. So go check them out and make needed adjustments, they’re more important than we tend to think.

Here are some cool options on Amazon if you need to update. I just highlighted some cool ones but there are tons of options.


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